Constellation Collection

I have invited Astronomers and Astrophotographers to showcase their beautiful photographs of my stars. During the 2021 winter stargazing season I have seen so many fabulous pictures of my Constellation that I am curating a special Online Collection – featuring each Astronomer and their chosen Orion picture. The Pleiades – those lovely Seven Sisters – also welcome!

Thanks to all!

Astrophotography Contest 2021: Presenting Winners and Entrants.

First, Second and Third Place are ALL of my fabulous Stars and Nebula!

Top left: First Place:  IC434 Horsehead Nebula By DaydreamAstro

Top right: Second Place:  M42 – THE GREAT ORION NEBULA by EdHoltAstro

Chris Jones
Orion Nebula M42 and Running Man Nebula in the blue. SW80ED, Nikon D5300dslr.

Captured from my back garden in light polluted Cambridgeshire UK. HDR image of 5 hours total integration, using a small refractor telescope and a modified Canon DSLR camera. I used an Astronomik CLS-CCD EOS clip in light pollution filter.

A selection of ‘selfies’! In the sky over Brighton & Hove, winter 2021.

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