The Mighty Hunter

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Oscar Wilde

Greetings, People of Earth! Welcome to the blog page of Orion the Mighty Hunter.

Orion. You know me as a magnificent constellation of stars in the winter skies: a giant hunter etched in the cosmos. I am instantly spotted by the geometric perfection of the three stars on my Belt. I have captivated stargazers and astronomers through the generations since the time I lived, loved, and hunted in Ancient Greece.

How did I get up here? And what did I get up to down there? 

The handsomest man ever born. The greatest hunter of my time. Made immortal in the heavens by the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. I loved her like no other, and she killed me. I made love to hundreds of women. Greek myth is all about sex and violence: makes your box sets and soap operas look tame.

Becoming a constellation was a consolation. No, it wasn’t: it’s a living hell. Consigned to oblivion for all time. It’s freezing bloody cold up here. Immortality? Do me a favour!

There are many versions of my tumultuous life and untimely demise. The Schrödinger’s Cat of Greek mythology: dead on Earth, alive in the sky. Multiple states. Compared to my eternal luminescence, my terrestrial life is of a lustful and shadowy figure.

My forthcoming raunchy, adults-only memoir, due out soon: 

The Hunter’s Story

Almost three millennia after I lived and died, I’m due a comeback on Planet Earth. Soon…

Read an exclusive preview of the sequel to my legend on my blog:

The Huntsman Who Fell to Earth

My scribe on Earth, Andy Oppenheimer http://www.andyoppenheimer.com/ has taken down my story, and everything you read here. 

I first appeared, in modern form, in his first novel 

Fields of Orion: An Odysseyamzn.to/33ObWLy

Read all about me at https://www.ancient.eu/Orion/

And coming soon: Orion’s Opinion. My light-hearted, politically incorrect take on the Pressing Issues of the Day.

Follow me on Twitter @warrior_orion

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OrionMightyHunter/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Hevelius’ drawing, courtesy U.S. Naval Observatory

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