Stars of Orion

Following the wonderful response from my Astronomy followers on Twitter @warrior_orion and a fantastic input of pictures to my Constellation Collection on this site, during 2021 I compiled a beautifully illustrated book of photos and stories of my Constellation – by 45 awesome Astronomers!

Stars of Orion: An Astronomy Special

As I enter a sky near you for a new Winter Season – Stars of Orion is published first as an ebook on Amazon.

The Paperback edition is available from the Book Depository

and on order from your local bookshop

On Amazon from 24 November 2021

A notable Astronomer from Ireland, John Flannery, has written the Foreword.

As well as a Brief History of Orion the Myth written by myself, 45 astronomers have contributed Guest Essays on a wonderful range of topics: from Orion Through Time and Orion in Ancient Ireland to I bought my daughter an Orion Star and When will Betelgeuse Blow?

Stars of Orion is a captivating combination of the astronomical, the mythical, and the personal. Astronomers tell how they became absorbed in their study and their craft, and why my Constellation is their favourite!

Stars of Orion also includes a host of Orion Facts, Orion Verse, and How to View Orion for stargazers of all ages. A perfect gift for Christmas!

Featuring stunning photos of the many objects and astrophotography targets in my Constellation by Astronomers from the UK, Ireland, the US and Australia plus lively descriptions of where, when and how they took their pictures – and how and when they became inspired by Astronomy.

From the Foreword by John Flannery:

‘To you all, I say, next time you see Orion and his retinue sparkling on a crisp winter’s night, think of Stephen Hawking’s words at the Opening Ceremony of the London Paralympics in 2012 where he encouraged athletes and those present to:
“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet.
Be curious.”
Stars of Orion succeeds magnificently in capturing that sentiment.’
John Flannery, Dublin, October 2021.

All pictures remain Copyright of the Contributors.

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Party to Launch Stars of Orion in London

24 November 2021

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