Constellation Collection

During the 2021 winter stargazing season I saw many fabulous pictures of my Constellation on Twitter. So I invited Astronomers and Astrophotographers to showcase their beautiful photographs of my stars in a special Online Collection on my blogsite – featuring each Astronomer and their chosen Orion picture. The Pleiades – those lovely Seven Sisters – were also and always welcome!

Just click on each picture – and walk through my constellation at the speed of light!

I hope you enjoy these lovely pictures and Many Thanks to all!

Astrophotography Contest 2021: Presenting Winners and Entrants.

First & Second Places are of my fabulous Stars and Nebula!

I had such an overwhelming response that I have decided to split them up into smaller galleries to make them easier to view.

Finally, our last group of images that have been shared with me.

Lastly, a handful of ‘selfies’… taken in the sky above Brighton & Hove – where I pop down from space during the day. I need a very long selfie stick!

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